First Time Playing Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order – Part 1

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  1. Cube
    5 days

    Ruff's ability to get lost and go backwards every 2 minutes is hilarious, same sense of direction as Zoro

  2. Dilara
    12 days

    im so excited for you guys to check out clone wars but a fallen order lets play was an amazing surprise!

  3. dylangaskin99
    13 days

    If you didn't hear at the beginning, Cal said it's been 5 years, meaning it's been 5 years since episode 3. For reference, episode 4 takes place 19 years after 3.

  4. sombra_hacker09
    15 days

    There is no fucking way you beat ogdoo with no stims at the start of the game thats is very impressive 

  5. nightwolf4397
    16 days

    Don't know if you guys know but the actor for cal is a actor for the joker

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  6. snakegoddess
    16 days

    definitely my favorite star wars game. my mom thought it was a movie. The second one is equally if not better.

  7. Petrichor12
    16 days

    Funfact: the band at the start is actually the Hu! (They sing Wolf Totem which played on the radio a while if you're familiar with that one.)

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